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The old-school virtual analog synthesizer: reimagined and perfected.
A synthesizer optimized for creativity.
Integrate follows in the footsteps of the virtual analog classics we still love today, bringing together a straightforward user interface with an intricate and colorful sound engine.
Four mighty oscillators.
The four main oscillators come equipped with a selection of 74 waveforms and a flexible noise generator.
The traditional waveforms (sine, sawtooth, square and triangle) all have a specially chosen parameter that can be modulated, allowing you to creating evolving sounds. The noise generator has tweakable color, and it also supports key tracking for an effect reminiscent of early game consoles.
Also featuring FM, RM and hard sync, there's a world of possibilities waiting to be unlocked in these oscillators.
There's also a sub oscillator sporting three waveforms, ready to quickly beef up your patch.
Have it your way.
Integrate lets you configure the character of the oscillators, giving you the power to shape the sound of your patches from the very start of the signal path.
Pick between the “Clean” rendering mode for a modern touch, or the “Digital” mode to add a gritty punch to your sound. Listen to how this changes a simple supersaw patch:
Make anything super.
Oscillators A and B both sport a unison section, letting you turn a simple waveform into a 7 voice beast. Configure the detune and mix, or enable “Stereo” to spread the voices across the channels. You'll soon discover how much of a monster Integrate is at fat, anthemic sounds, perfect for mesmerizing listeners of any genre.
The latest technology.
Integrate is available in the new CLAP plugin format, boasting advanced features like non-destructive polyphonic parameter modulation and note stacking. We're proud to join its community of developers who are pioneering the latest in audio technology.
Take a listen.
All the following audio samples are rendered entirely with Integrate, without any external effects or samples.
“Until Midnight”
“Trance Pads”
“Computer Dreams”
“Delve Deeper”
Information, only when you need it.
To keep the interface compact and free from distractions, Integrate keeps extra information about parameters neatly tucked away in popups that only show when you're interacting with the relevant controls.
Waveforms, envelopes, frequency spectrums all pop up as soon as you need them, and then instantly hide away once you're done with them.
Explore new territory.
Integrate isn't an emulation of an existing synth. Instead, it's a brand new design, waiting for you to explore what it's capable of. Dive into a world of characterful oscillators, screaming filters, chaotic LFOs, and dreamy reverbs. There's bound to be something that'll captivate your imagination.
Every single parameter. One click away.
Integrate does away with the hierarchies of tabs, menus and pages you might be used to. The interface is divided into just two pages — one for the main controls, and the other for effects. So whenever you get that urge to tweak a dial, or try out a new setting, you'll never be more than a click away from direct access to the controls you need.
Perfect at any size.
Integrate's interface is prepared for your 4K display. It supports several different scale factors, accessible from the Settings menu, each in a variety of different colors to suit your mood.
Bring your patches to life.
Integrate features 9 effect units, each of which can be turned on and off individually. Or, click the “Bypass FX” button to swiftly toggle all of them together.
Never get lost again. Every dial has a descriptive popup to let you know what it does.
Choose from any combination of the following effect units:
  • Delay, with polyrhythmic and ping-pong mode.
  • Reverb, including 5 different algorithms ranging from tight to atmospheric.
  • Arpeggiator, with optional envelope retrigger.
  • Trancegate, with a built-in step editor.
  • Three band Parametric EQ.
  • Phaser, featuring negative and positive feedback modes and a configurable number of stages.
  • Chorus, with a stereo effect and large speed range.
  • Multiband distortion, including 10 different waveshaping algorithms.
  • Compressor, ready to add some punch to your patches.
Disabled effects automatically dim to let you know they're bypassed.
A separate effects plugin is included, allowing you to use the same FX units featured in Integrate on any audio channel in your DAW. The units can be reordered and modulated using the 3 multi-segment curve editors.
Modulation couldn't be easier.
Integrate gives you access to 2 modulation envelopes, 3 LFOs and a modulation matrix, primed to add some evolving texture to your patch. The modulation envelopes have a tension parameter to let you fine tune their curvature. The LFOs can run in various different waveforms, including a “Chaos” mode which generates a random sample a rate of 1kHz. All the modulation sources can be sent to any of the 106 destinations.
When selecting a modulation destination, simply click any of the highlighted controls.
All your patches. Right where you left them.
Whether you're browsing the factory banks totalling over 200 patches or organizing you're own creations, the Patch Browser is always there to help you with your task.
Flexible filters you'll love.
Integrate has two filters, which can work in Split, Serial or Parallel routing. Each has 9 different modes, and a built-in saturator with 10 algorithms.
And when you turn the resonance up — these filters will really scream!
Adapts to your CPU.
We've optimized the code in Integrate to make sure it makes the most of all the features of modern processors to reduce CPU usage. But don't worry if you're not on the latest hardware; Integrate will automatically select different code paths depending on what features your CPU supports, making sure it'll run on whatever you throw at it.
Free from copy protection.
Once you've bought a copy of Integrate, you can install it on as many computers you want. You'll never need to connect it to the internet, and you'll never need to worry about license keys. It just works, straight out of the box, forever.
Easy to learn.
Access a diagram of the signal path right from within the synthesizer itself. It's only two clicks away in the Settings menu.
Learn more.
For a detailed description of every parameter, a full guide to mastering the interface, and tips to maximize the synth's capabilities, grab a copy of manual!
Download the manual
Try the demo.
Integrate is a fantastic little synth, but don't take our word for it — the best way to experience it is first hand. The demo is completely free and has no time restrictions.
Demo limitations: Saving patches is disabled, and there will be occasional silence. The full version does not have these restrictions.
Requires Windows 64-bit or Linux and a compatible host. See the download page for full details.
Download the demo
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