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Windows + macOS + Linux
Ready for work.
Altitude is a modern musical instrument that combines subtractive, sampling and FM synthesis, enabling you to produce a wide variety of complex sounds. Booming basses, provocative pads, effervescent effects, sonorous sequences: whatever your mix needs, it’ll only be a few clicks away.
The clear user interface serves as your guide through your auditory adventures. With its straightforward layout, exploring the deepest depths of the audio engine’s facilities is just as effortless as making your first patch. The design is alive with visual aids and reactive displays that make it a cinch to work on intricate patches.
Sound demos.
LD Golden Pulse + PD Space Voyage
LD Bitcrushed Dreams + LD Mindful Square + BA Trickster
PD Perfectly Divine + PD Melancholic Pulse
PD Pad n Pluck
FX Angel’s Sigh
SQ Softly Moving
SQ Infinitesimal
LD Domination
LD Even Wilder + DR Arena Clap
OR All Stops + OR Solemn Organ
PD End of the Line
PD Inhale
FX Perimeter Compromised
PD Look Across
SQ Dream Sparkle
SQ One Note Wonder
FX Breaking Down
3 custom patches
LD Solo Shredder + CH Aggressor
PD Trancer
SQ Breather
Unlock your creativity.
Altitude is bundled with a large factory ROM, full of instantly usable samples that are perfect for layering. Fine tuning your patches’ timbre has never been easier. And with a carefully curated selection of over 300 built-in patches to demonstrate every corner of the audio engine’s potential, you’ll never be stuck for ideas again.
A few clicks in the patch browser here, and a quick browse of the sample picker there; Altitude makes the sound design process feel natural.
Generative gadgets and polyrhythmic possibilities.
Altitude sports two 24-step sequencers both with builtin arpeggiators. The sequencers can be routed to different generators. Each sequencer has 5 tracks, one for each property of the steps. Every track has a customisable length, creating new combinations of parameters each time the tracks loop.
You can randomize individual tracks in the sequencer for endless inspiration. And you can keep the pitch track locked to a specific scale for more predictable results.
It all starts here.
Every instance of Altitude has 4 luscious virtual analog oscillators and 4 retro-inspired sample layers.
All the generators have numerous FM routing options, as well as a selection of unison modes: Super, Hyper and Modern.
And with the keyboard mapping features, you can configure exactly how the generators are assigned to incoming notes.
Shape, sculpt and scream!
The two included filters can run in a wide range of modes and algorithms. Perhaps you’d like a classic transistor ladder filter, or maybe you’d prefer the highly resonant Sour algorithm. Altitude’s got you covered.
The filters can be routed in any number of ways. Serial, parallel, split, inverted, or even something inbetween.
Focused and streamlined.
Altitude’s carefully designed user interface is full of polish and attention to detail. Many parameters have preview displays that show up as you modify the controls, and then automatically hide to reduce clutter. Hovering over a modulated parameter highlights the sources that are assigned to it. And there’s many more workflow-enhancing features just like these to discover.
Four interface skins are included with Altitude, and you’re able to load in custom skins if you want to completely adapt the plugin to match your creative space. The built-in skins scale from 100% to 300%, filling even the largest of monitors all while staying pixel perfect.
And with ultra-fast load times, the interface is always ready to channel your imagination.
17 high-quality effects.
Altitude comes loaded with 17 effect unit types, ranging from traditional favourites like the Phaser and Reverb, to the more extreme, such as the Bitcrusher and Two-Tap Delay.
You can place up to 3 units of each type in the 8 effect slots in any order you like.
The 8 effect slots are grouped into two chains of 4. The chains can be routed either serially or in parallel, allowing for a wide variety of creative options.
High precision modulation.
Altitude is packed with modulation options. There are 5 envelopes, 4 math modulators, 2 step modulators, 4 LFOs, in addition to a matrix with 21 slots.
The workflow of assigning and tweaking routings is quick and full of visual feedback. To make an assignment, simply click on the modulation slot and then the parameter to modulate. You can then adjust the modulation amount. In the LFOs, you can also switch between unipolar and bipolar routing using the adjacent toggle box.
The unique math modulators feature four sub-units: source blend, sample and hold, smooth and remap. These incredibly versitile units were inspired by the world of modular analog components, allowing you to either adjust existing modulation, or generate wholly new control signals by combining and warping the output of other units.
Highly tuned performance.
Altitude is one of those plugins that you don’t need to feel guilty about when adding instances into a project.
It automatically detects the features on your CPU and selects the most optimal code, to ensure the best performance.
With native support for Intel processors over a decade old all the way up to the latest Apple Silicon processors, Altitude is happy to adapt to whatever you throw at it.
The latest technology.
Altitude leads the way to the future of audio plugins, built from the ground up for the new plugin format CLAP.
CLAP is based on an extensible architecture. If both your host and the plugin support a given extension, you’ll get access to its advanced features.
Altitude already supports many extensions, such as polyphonic modulation, preset discovery, parameter indication, remote controls and more.
Absolutely no copy protection.
Once you’ve bought a copy of Altitude, you can install it on as many computers you want. You’ll never need to connect it to the internet, and you’ll never need to worry about license keys.
It just works, straight out of the box, forever.
Product specifications:
Learn more.
You can read the comprehensive user manual online. It details the complete operation of the audio engine and the interface, as well as providing patch ideas and discussing various tricks.
User Manual
System requirements.
  • 5 GB of available drive space (exact size depends on the number of installed formats)
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 64-bit Intel, AMD or Apple Silicon processor
  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7 64-bit or newer; macOS 10.14-13; X11/Linux with glibc 2.22 or newer
  • Supported host software: CLAP; Audio Unit (macOS); FL Studio native
  • For the standalone format: MIDI input and audio output devices
Please try the demo version to ensure the software works correctly before purchase!
Begin your auditory adventure.
Download the free demo of Altitude now to take it for a test drive. You won’t be able to save patches in the demo, and the output will periodically drop out. The full version does not have these restrictions.
Free Demo
Windows + macOS + Linux
Fancy a starter?
Altitude builds upon the solid foundation of our previous instrument, Apricot. It’s completely free, so give it a try!
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