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The efficient hybrid synthesizer with a massive sound.
Audio Demos
All the following audio samples are rendered entirely with Apricot, without any external effects.
AR Spacing Out
This 303-inspired patch demonstrates the built-in sequencer and distortion algorithms modeled off the legendary Access Virus.
PL White Cloud + PD End of the Line
These two patches combine to exhibit the power of hybrid nature of Apricot. The pluck joins a thin pulse and triangle base with a harp sample, drenched in the “Atmosphere” reverb; and the pad unites an ethereal tonal noise sample with creamy unison sawtooths.
FX Double Helix
This is a single MIDI note playing here. The complex sound is created using a combination of the arpeggiator and various modulation options.
PD Elder's Wisdom
This patch uses two of the oscillators with unison and a sample layer to create a massive pad sound.
AR My Promise
This supersaw pluck uses the Mod Matrix to introduce a slight randomness on the filter resonance and phaser parameters, creating a wonderfully classic trance sound with an analog touch.
Key Features
  • 2 main oscillators, with 6 different subtractive waveforms, modulatable phase offset and panorama, with unison modeled off the JP8000's supersaw. There is also an additional third oscillator, with less parameters, intended for use as a sub-oscillator.
  • Sample layer. This can run with key tracking enabled or disabled, and can run in both a looped mode or one-shot mode. There are currently 44 factory samples, ranging across 10 categories. The user is able to import their own samples from the standard WAV format, which will be automatically converted into the internal format. The sample database is managed using the FNV-1a hash algorithm to ensure that patches always load the correct sample.
  • 2 mod envs and 2 LFOs, each with 2 dedicated modulation slots. There is also a modulation matrix with 8 additional modulation slots, for a total of 16. There are over 70 modulation destinations, and 10 modulation sources. Modulation destinations are selected by clicking on the target control. Dials show both the currently set value as well as their value after modulation is applied. Hovering over a modulated control highlights the modulation slots that control it.
  • Arpeggiator and sequencer. The arpeggiator can be configured to not retrigger envelopes, useful for creating chiptune effects.
  • 5 effects: reverb (with 4 selectable algorithms), ping-pong delay, stereo phaser, parameter EQ, and a distortion unit. The distortion contains Light, Soft, Middle and Hard algorithms closely modeled after the Access Virus, to achieve a distinctive asymmetric distortion. While modifying the EQ parameters, a preview is displayed of its frequency response; this is immediately hidden when no longer needed.
  • Multi-mode filter that can run in low-pass, band-pass or high-pass modes, at 12dB/oct or 24dB/oct. There is a resonance, key track and drive control. The drive can enhanced with a "warm" boost, which mixes in a subtly "inflated" signal.
  • Streamlined two page user interface with scaling ranging from 100% to 200%. Waveform previews are built into the GUI, with user customizable refresh rate.
  • CLAP support, with non-destructive polyphonic modulation and voice stacking.
  • Completely custom C++ DSP code without the use of libraries, for a sonic layer tightly coupled with the user interface.
  • Automatic CPU feature detection. DSP code optimized for those specific features will then be used, to reduce overall CPU usage.
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Requires Windows, macOS or Linux and a compatible host. See the download page for full details.
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