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three-oscillator subtractive beast
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Windows + macOS + Linux
Perfect for beginners.
ExtraBold uses traditional subtractive synthesis, with 3 powerful oscillators and a multi-mode filter.
Its simple design and clear, one-page layout makes exploring its sonic landscape a breeze.
Four LFOs.
One of the first things you’ll notice on the interface is the row of 4 LFOs. They can be used together to create complex sounds that evolve the pitch and timbre of the oscillators and filter.
You can’t freely assign modulation destinations: ExtraBold is laser-focused on helping you create the classic sounds it’s designed for.
The final touches.
There are three effect slots, each of which can contain any of the many effect units.
The mix of each effect can be mapped to the mod wheel for truly dynamic live performances.
Available effect categories: delay, reverb, tone, chorus, distortion.
Highly tuned performance.
ExtraBold automatically detects the features on your CPU and selects the most optimal code, to ensure the best performance.
With native support for Intel processors over a decade old all the way up to the latest Apple Silicon processors, ExtraBold is happy to adapt to whatever you throw at it.
The latest technology.
ExtraBold leads the way to the future of audio plugins, built from the ground up for the new plugin format CLAP.
CLAP is based on an extensible architecture. If both your host and the plugin support a given extension, you’ll get access to its advanced features.
ExtraBold already supports many extensions, such as polyphonic modulation, preset discovery, parameter indication, remote controls and more.
Product specifications:
System requirements:
Download the plugin.
ExtraBold is completely free. No credit card, no email signup, no copy protection.
Free Download
Windows + macOS + Linux
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